Recent elections in the U.S., Britain, Turkey, and France reflect a disturbing confluence of xenophobia and nationalism. The apparent desire to revert to isolationism under the banner of “protecting borders” poses a challenge to the concept of global economics and allows for increasingly discriminatory policies and rhetoric to emerge within democratic nations. The circumstances have inspired many artists to become more politically vocal, both through their artwork and engagement with local and state representatives and other community activists.

Lines Drawn is conceived as a public forum to explore how artists approach the issues at stake and encourage understanding. The project includes a variety of artwork and points of view, with a particular focus on how lines, borders, and boundaries are consistently questioned, crossed, and reimagined by artists. It includes an exhibition of prints, drawings, video and installation work; zine- and poster-making workshops; and a series of on and off-site live performances, readings, and public conversations.

Lines Drawn is organized by Xandra Eden, Executive Director & Chief Curator, DiverseWorks.

On View

September 23 - November 18, 2017

Opening Reception

Friday, September 22
6 - 8:30 pm




MATCH Gallery
3400 Main Street
Houston, TX 77002